preparing to breastfeed

Much of your experience with breastfeeding has to do with how you prepare during your pregnancy. The following articles contain advice that will help you have the breastfeeding experience you want.
  • breastfeeding find your tribe
    If you want to be successful breastfeeding your baby, building a support network is extremely important.

  • preparing for breastfeeding - before baby's birth
    What are some things I can do to prepare for breastfeeding, even before my baby's birth?

  • breastfeeding and childbirth
    Hiring a female support person to help you in childbirth can produce a better outcome for you and baby, as well as an easier time breastfeeding.

  • childbirth and preparation for breastfeeding part 3
    The kind of birth you have has a lot to do with your early breastfeeding experiences. Here are some more tips to help you have the birth you want.

  • how to breastfeed for a year
    Here are a few of the most important things a mom can do if she wants to breastfeed to that one year mark - and beyond.

  • new mom challenges
    Often, we're quite unprepared for the experience of new motherhood. While having children is a blessing, the postpartum period is one of adjustment. Our expectations are often quite different from the reality. Many women experience some or many of the following challenges: