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Natural Nipple Cream

Earth Mama Angel Baby offers fantastic products for nursing moms. The entire line is free from toxins such as phthalates and the packaging is BPA free. The earth mama angel baby mama set contains some of their most popular skin care products including their body butter and nipple butter. (You can read a review of earth mama angel baby nipple butter here.)

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The booby tubes are organic cotton shells filled with flax seeds. They have a unique curved design to fit comfortably around the breasts, and serve as warm or cold packs to ease aching breasts sore from engorgement or when weaning.

pregnancy gift

Bosom buddies are herbal compresses that blend healing herbs, cabbage leaves and black tea along with organic calendula blossoms, organic plantain and organic marshmallow root. When applied to the breast they ease engorgement and cracked nipples.

Pregnancy Gift

Earth Mama offers milkmaid tea to help you increase your milk supply safely and no more milk tea to help you ease into weaning when you and baby are ready. The unique more milk cd assists you in relaxing so you can enjoy the nursing experience.  

pregnancy gift

Several of these products are offered together in a breastfeeding support kit (click the link to read a review). Check out Earth Mama Angel Baby for some of the highest quality breastfeeding skin care products available.